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Why Become an Occupied Consultation Specialist™? 

Because an Occupied Consultation Specialist™ (OCS™) is known for providing results! Results based on practical experience, neuro-marketing research and great communication skills! 

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Built on Research + Science

Developed by Bobbie McGrath, a home stager with over 14 years of experience in over 6,000 individual properties, the OCS™ program is built on the foundation of effective communication AND cutting edge neuro-marketing research.

Systems Are Key

The OCS™ framework allows you to provide a home seller an easy to follow step by step process to effectively create a successful sale. 

Advantages for Your Sellers

You provide the seller a distinct advantage as they understand how staging is NOT about making a house pretty; it’s about making it MARKETABLE. 

What Our Users Have to Say

Module 1

Your Ringing Phone - The Sound of Money!

Utilizing your initial contact with potential clients as an  opportunity to set yourself up as a confident, competent and expert home staging provider will increase your scheduling rate. Answering their questions with value statements, taking their concern away from mere price and focusing on what they have to gain is key. This is a great time to qualify your clients, set expectations, explain your fee structure. All of these techniques are focused on avoiding conflict down the road and setting the stage for a successful sale!

Module 2

Tools of the Trade

“An Expert is known by their tools.” Planning ahead, having a problem solver’s mindset, and overcoming objections are just a few reasons to arrive prepared. I’ll share my must have items to take to every consultation. Folks will be constantly amazed when you have just the right thing in your bag.

These tools set you apart from the others!

Module 3

Consultation Day - Earning Your Street Cred!

How do you persuade your client to set aside their doubts and concerns and place their confidence in your recommendations? Earning your street cred is key to the process as their willingness to follow through with your recommendations is what makes you valuable. These techniques set the stage for a successful staging business!

Module 4

Outside Considerations

Conveying your understanding of the marketing process and the importance of curb appeal provides a strong foundation to your overall effectiveness. We’ll discuss key points to focus on as well as tried and true phrasing easing the way toward tackling more personal spaces.

These money saving ideas and an understanding of your local market are something that not all stagers convey.

Module 5

“Step Into My Office!”

You are entering someone’s home filled with memories and mementos. How do you start the process of changing their “this is my home” mindset to“this is a product to be sold”?

We’ll discuss the “nonemotional” spaces vs. the “heart of the home” spaces and how your approach will allow your clients to make this transition.

Their Realtor will thank you!

Module 6

The Birds and the Bees…and All Those Other Talks!

The biggest reason for pushback is due to lack of understanding WHY you are making your recommendations.

These “stories” allow you to set aside the judgement folks may feel if they believe they are alone with these particular shortcomings.

In addition, we often need to address touch subjects such as odors, cleanliness and pets.

With these talks at the ready you will learn to embrace pushback….no, really!

Module 7

“How Suite It Is!”

“There are two rooms that sell houses; the kitchen and the master suite.” Understanding and conveying the importance of a well staged master suite can mean the difference between just a sale and a successful sale. This most intimate space of the house needs special consideration and insights in order for it to pull its weight. From bedding and lamps to tile and lighting, we’ll discuss great updates to recommend regardless of your clients budget.

Remember, our goal is to meet them where they are so they present as strong as possible, based on their time frame and budget, from day one!

Module 8

The Unsung Heroes of a Successful Staging!

Many a home sale has been stopped short due to lack of storage space and organization. We’ll focus on the most important storage areas to prep for photos, in some cases, as well as additional storage spaces that can make your clients money.

Remember, an expert is someone who knows the things you didn’t know you needed to know. 

This is one of those areas that set you up as THE expert!

Module 9

Let the Negotiations Begin!

Understanding how to move your clients to action begins with your understanding their top concerns which are usually time and money. By understanding how to “change the shape of the money” you make yourself a true asset to your Realtor partner and the home sellers, too. Knowing when and how to approach these topics has to do with timing and good communication. This is one area where my Realtors continue to comment about its effectiveness!

Module 10

Flex Space-Your Imagination is Your Gold!

Without identity a room has no value. We often encounter unusually shaped rooms or unconventionally sized spaces. Our clients will say they have never been able to figure out what to do with it. This is where you can shine! Thinking outside the box not only allows you to solve this problem and create wealth for your clients but the sellers often decide to hire you to design their new home.

A great way to build and expand your business!

Module 11

Order Out of Chaos!

This is where we’ll brainstorm the common recommendations made and how to prioritize them based on the clients time frame and budget. While they may not be able to give themselves the gift of time in many cases, we are able to provide the gift of a master plan. The Top Ten Priority List will be your calling card. I’ve even had clients who’ve saved this list for use in their new homes. With your contact information included you’ll be in the forefront of their minds!

Module 12

Top Ten Priority List - Tying It All Together!

So you’ve just spent almost two hours providing a wide range of recommendations which can easily become overwhelming to someone who is preparing to move themselves and their families on to new adventures. To leave them in this state would not serve them, nor your business, well!

Utilizing the Top Ten Priority List as your final step provides you the opportunity for a clean transition for collecting your payment and a smooth, professional exit!


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