Working with sellers who live in their home for sale (Occupieds) requires a very special set of skills...

...and those skills begin with the  words you choose for your marketing efforts as well as your foundational consultations. Start honing your skills by downloading my “Changing The Shape of Your Words” video. Discover how rethinking the power of your words will set you apart as you attract MORE consultations!

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Unleash Your Inner Solopreneur and Take the Home Staging World By Storm.

Get started today by downloading the “Changing The Shape of Your Words” video. When you harness the power of words you automatically attract MORE consultations.

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Within the Occupied side of the business, our goal is not to make the house look perfect, it’s about making it marketable. Join the free Occupied Home Stagers community to share ideas, ask questions and gather with like-minded stagers who understand what it takes to move our clients to action. Let’s elevate occupied home staging together!

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How Your Words Impact Your Business!

So, what does it REALLY take to build your staging business? Watch this free training and discover how “Changing the Shape of Your Words” could be the key to growing your business! As we often experience when we stage, small changes can often make the largest impact!

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Hi, I’m Bobbie McGrath,

Home-Stager With Over 19 Years Of Experience Staging Over 9,000 Individual Properties.

After providing both vacant and occupied services for ten years, , I made the active decision to close the vacant side of my business in order to specialize on the occupied side. With lower overhead and a larger potential client pool, I realized my consultation-based business model had always provided a solid foundation for my company, especially during the troubles of 2008 and 2009. I came to realize the process I had designed answered an unmet need within the home staging industry…

…the need for a consultation based business model.

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Home stagers are building their Occupied Consultation Specialist® businesses right now...

"Thank you, Bobbie, for helping me elevate my business to the next level! Before taking OCS®, I had been laboring over those long staging reports with bulleted items for each and every room of the house."

MarLane Knuppel

Simply Staging by MarLane,LLC

"The OCS course provided a business framework allowing us to provide the best service possible to our clients.
The confidence we gained through the OCS course is because we feel competent and knowledgeable at a whole new level!"

Suzanne Blevins and Jamie Siegele

Stylehouse Home Staging & Redesign

"The OCS program has changed my business completely! It was so exciting for me to learn that I could build a business around occupied consultations – that was my favorite part of my business in the first place!"

Amie Stepkoski

A Step Above Designs

How Bobbie Helps Her Clients